At this stage of the process our team communicates with all those involved in the project, ensuring that contractors execute the design plan as expected, and within the agreed timescales.

Our project management activities also include quality and financial control, organisation of deliveries, and progress monitoring. 


In addition to formulating a detailed budget that incorporates all chosen materials and equipment, an organisation is selected that will carry out construction and finishing works.

Procurement strategy

At this stage of the implementation process, finishing materials and equipment is determined bearing in mind the overall budget, and the associated suppliers and manufacturers are selected.

Direct supplies

Interior design is not only creation of beautiful and comfortable living space, but also realization of the clients’ ideas and preferences at the most reasonable price.  That’s why we prefer to work directly with the materials and furniture suppliers from Italy, Europe or USA, rather than buying from a Russian distributor.

This gives the 5 main advantages:
1. We can control the interior design or decoration process selecting the materials, furniture and accessories and combining them to create the perfect interior. We can save time and money avoiding mistakes with wrong shade or texture selected from different suppliers.

2. We create a transparent price specification with detailed breakdown, so the client can see how much each item costs.
3. We do have a special agreement with the manufacturers that can lead to 30-50% off the normal retail price.
4. We are highly interested in using only high quality materials and working with reputable suppliers, because your interior design project is a plus to our reputation.

5. We are doing our best to create comfortable partnership and find personalized approach to each client. We believe that interior design or decoration project is not only building a space. It’s also building the client’s life, future, and we are striving to make it perfect.

Purchase orders and Appointment

Accounts are set up in relation to the sequential purchase of materials and equipment from selected suppliers.

Financial and Quality Control

Order tracking and control forms the basis of this part of the realisation process. Orders are checked for quality, and control of contract terms is established.


This final phase of implementation includes:

  • Making delivery arrangements for materials and equipment

  • Organising the acceptance process at the project site

  • Organisation of cleaning and finishing at the project site

This completes the project works.

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