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We provide practical and aesthetically pleasing interior design and decoration.
The interior design process includes the following stages:


The mood and style of the project is established in this initial phase. Client needs and preferences are discussed, noted, and used to formulate an approximate budget for the project as a whole.

Concept planning

The 2nd stage of the project identifies functional zones and areas of the premises, and is designed to provide an overall vision of what can be accomplished. This stage includes:

  • Taking measurements and photographs of the ‘zones’ and objects in order to develop a measurement plan

  • Plans in relation to dismantling and reinstalling partitions, in addition to other construction works and the arrangement of furniture within the space

  • Ensuring safe delivery of contractor materials 

Concept sketches

Project style and mood is conveyed using concept sketches. Ceiling, wall elevation and floor plans are developed using chosen materials.

Concept resolution

Photographs of selected areas and objects are used to provide photorealistic images of the overall design vision. 

Detailed design

Construction works are defined using a ‘kit’ which includes sketches of the interior design details, wall elevations and sections, and the approved rendering materials.

Statements and specifications

The 6th phase of design sees the formulation of tables describing and defining all working materials. Statements and specifications include:

  • Specifications for doors

  • A statement of finishing materials to be used

  • Sanitary equipment specification

  • Specification for wiring equipment

Statement of lighting, furniture and equipment


Along with the interior design we offer services of interior desecration. Today apartments with partial or full interior decoration are commonly presented on the real estate market of Europe and the United States and trends to become popular in Russia.

Most apartments and some houses are sold ready for living and have the final finish, installed plumbing and kitchen facilities. When the living space has all necessary for comfortable life you still may want to change something to meet your wishes and expectations.

The difference between the interior design and the interior decoration is that the interior decorator does not apply serious alterations to the living space. He doesn’t move walls and does not build the new ones. The decorator works with color, lighting, textile, furniture, and art objects.

Interior decoration service is for you if you have already bought the property partially or fully finished, but no serious changes or redevelopment is expected. You just want to personalize your living space according to your preferences using only color, lighting, furniture and accessories.


Step 1 - The first meeting where we will determine specifications of the project, set the project budget and create the project plan.
Step 2 - Development of the concept starts: the decorator creates the atmosphere of the space, choose style and color range
Step 3 - Planning the space: the decorator works on the common plan and plan of furniture and lighting.
Step 4 – Choosing the details: the decorator selects furniture, lighting, materials, and accessories for the project.  If the furniture design is provided, the decorator develops the sketches and drawings, prepare design specifications for the furniture.
Step 5– Budgeting – the decorator estimates the project cost.
Step 6 – Project visualization – the decorator prepares the project 3D or visual concept clips to understand how the space will look in the final version. At this stage the decorator also gathers  the samples of materials to be used in the project.
Step 7 – Project presentation to the client: you will see 3D design and sketches, plans of the space, furniture and lighting, material samples, and approve the project budget.
Step 8 – Correction stage – if you would like to make some changes, we will do our best to meet your expectations.
Step 9 – Project implementation – the work is in progress, the decorator coordinates and supervises the work of the crews.
Step 10 - Final touches and delivery to the client.

Reading: Services/DESIGN & DECORATION
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