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The initial stage of the project involves consultation with our clients to create a brief. We detail the main requirements, preferences and wishes, and put together an outline budget based on this brief.

Concept planning

This stage incorporates identification of zones within the premises, according to their function and the client’s aesthetic requirements for the space. This 2nd phase of the design process includes:

  • Taking measurements and photographs of the space/object, and formation of a measurement plan

  • Plans for taking down and/or installing any partitions

  • Further plans relating to construction work and the placement of furniture

  • Ensuring all materials are delivered to contractors 

Concept sketches

Key design ideas are presented in sketch form to provide a picture of the overall style and mood of the project. All primary materials are chosen and incorporated into plans for the ceiling, floor and wall elevations.

Concept resolution

The 4th phase brings us to a detailed and complete design which is presented to the client in photo-realistic image form. 

Detailed design

A detailed plan is formulated for each specific implementation stage of the project. Sketches of interior detailing and wall elevations are provided as part of a kit for all construction works. This includes any required materials for the type of rendering approved by the client.

Statements and specifications

During the 6th and final phase of the design stage we itemise and tabulate all working materials required. This includes:

  • Finishing materials

  • Door specifications

  • Specification of wiring for sockets, switches etc

  • Specification of sanitary ware

  • Specifications of furniture, equipment and lighting

Reading: Services/DESIGN
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