Project: Restaurant’s interior and exterior
Author: Oxana Yuryeva
Area: 2484.42 sq. ft. / 230.81 sq. metres
Number of visitors: 79

Planning features:
First floor: foyer with stairs; 1 office
Second floor: 1 hall; 2 guest bathrooms; 1 staff bathroom; 1 wardrobe; 2 utility rooms; 1 kitchen; 1 dining hall with a stage.

Style: A striking combination of Minimalism and Bionics was used to great effect in this restaurant. Simple, crisp colours together with naturally smooth, flowing shapes combine to form a subtle, relaxing space.
The main aspect of the client’s brief was in relation to the brightness and lighting of the restaurant interior. With a wish to have distinct ‘day’ and ‘night’ ambiences, LED RGB lighting was used which allowed a smooth but stunning visual transformation between colours. This subtly defined and changed the mood and atmosphere within the space.
Additionally, chair covers and table cloths were removed in the evening, to reveal the furniture beneath.


Ceiling: The suspended ceiling was painted in a shade of soft white, with mirror panels being added to create an illusion of extra space and light during the day, further reflecting the lighting effects and changing atmospheres.

Floor: LED lights are placed in the floor to give a warm lighting effect. The bulbs are encased in opaque Triplex Safety Glass.

Walls: Glossy red paint adorns the walls of the restaurant, which is further enhanced by silver decorative plaster. Other unique wall elements include a decorative print on opaque white glass, situated within a comfortable sitting area. The bar and sitting area include a smooth wall painted with white gloss, and built-in LEDs.

Main brands

Lighting: Colour-changing LED RGB lamps were used specifically for this project under the direction of the designer. Decorative lighting by MODULAR.

Furniture: A bar of red Corian.
Opaque glass and LED lighting, according to the sketches of the designer.
Dining tables, chairs and sofas chosen according to the design sketches.

Equipment: Chosen by the client.

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