Reading: Project/ASTEROS OFFICE


Project: Interior design for Asteros Office.
Author: Oxana Yuryeva
Area: 1399.31 sq. ft. / 130 sq. metres

Planning features: Public office areas on the first and second floor.

Style: Minimalism and High Tech.


Flooring: porcelain tiles by MIRAGE.

Walls: decorative wall panels by DUNA, depth 4mm; BECKERS aqueous emulsion paint; decorative plastering with mother-of-pearl effect beneath metal, SAN MARKO, MARCOPOLO.

Ceiling: hidden suspended ceiling with ‘Grilyato’ modular system, the modules being 600mm x 600mm in size, with individual cell size being 100mm x 100mm, standard-type, metallic aluminium colour; BECKERS aqueous emulsion paint.


Main brands

Lighting: MODULAR LED glass lighting on metal hangers, according to the designer’s sketches.

Furniture: individual, placed as per the designer’s sketches.

Project overview
Reading: Project/ASTEROS OFFICE
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