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We aim to provide our clients with a transparent fee structure that offers peace of mind and reassurance that costs will not spiral. Below are details of how we charge for our residential interior design services. It should be noted, however, that commercial projects are quoted on an individual basis. All our fees are subject to VAT at the current rate.

Two break points in our fee structure allow clients to decide on our team’s level of involvement:

  1. following the initial design stage

  2. following the preparation of specifications for contractors/craftspeople

Initial consultation: Free of charge

The initial interior design consultation takes place at your home, and allows us to view the space concerned and answer your questions. We get a better idea of the work involved, discuss your wishes and preferences, and consider your budget in general terms.

This consultation usually lasts for around 60 minutes , and is arranged within a few days of you contacting us. At your request we can also complete a full laser survey, and take photographs of the area to be developed.

As a follow-up to the meeting, we will provide a detailed proposal that includes fixed fees for all items mentioned.

Interior design:

If you choose to go ahead with the project, we will need to visit your property to develop floor plans and design layouts. Our rate for this process is fixed, but the amount of time taken in this phase varies depending on the project’s complexity, and the number of alterations and amendments requested.

We provide you with samples and details of the main items to be included in the project, such as furniture, lighting, fabrics and accessories. All these items can be purchased at trade price, with an additional pre-agreed handling charge.

This is the first break point where you are able to implement the design yourself, rather than use our services, if you prefer.

Project specifications:

Detailed drawings including specifications for craftspeople and contractors are provided upon approval of the project by the client. These documents help to guide the work of contractors and provide a basis for their own quotations.

The second break point is available at this stage. Clients are able to hire and instruct their own contractors if preferred.

Project coordination and management: charged at 5% of overall project cost

Our project coordination and management fees are charged at intervals throughout the project, and due to our bargaining power we can negotiate significant trade discounts on your behalf. Project management tasks include sourcing top quality suppliers and artisans; organising the work on a day-to-day basis; liaising with all contractors; and arranging a 3-month defects meeting to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The fee charged for this service is generally recouped by our clients through the trade discounts we are able to negotiate.

Supply of materials

Purchase orders are placed only when approved by the client. All delivery charges are included at cost.

Specialist services

Bespoke furniture design is a key service offering of Y and S Design. Using our specialist artisan contacts we are also able to commission unique work such as wallpaper design, fabric, glass and artwork.



Reading: Enquiry & fees
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